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Candidahell07;30944 wrote: Hi all,
I’m after some advice. I’ve been suffering from diahrrea recently whilst I treated my candida overgrowth with Now Capyrlic Acid 600mg per cap, then I added a further cap taking the dose up to 1,200mg. I used them for about a number of weeks, but didn’t notice anything until just recently when my stomach started gurggling really bad. I would pain and discomfort in my stomach. I’ve had to stop them because i’ve had diahrrea. It seems that the diahrrea doesn’t want to stop. I’m already thin due to having to deal with Amalgam Illness. I’ve never taken any anti-biotics, and have taken an SIBO breath test with a well known lab in London. The SIBO test came back negative. I’m wondering if I have caused a die-off recation or whether its something more. I have a pretty limiting diet because I have mercury posioning. I cannot eat high thiol foods because it moves mercury about and feeds candida, so I’m limited to what I can eat.I take a high probiotic as well. I take VSL 3, 1 daily which has 480billion. If anyone could advise I would be very grateful. James

I have heard about many cases like your case. You are a classic case of someone who has not taken antibiotics and developed a mucosal yeast overgrowth.
It is just mercury toxicity that has affected your cell mediated immunity allowing the yeast to flourish.
You need to chelate mercury in order to overcome the yeast infection.

The immune system is so important controlling the fungus that I know about cases where the yeast has gone after chelating without taking any antifungal.