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winemom wrote: I have been doing some research which suggest that menapausal women who are on hormone replacement therapy are more inclined to get yeast infections.

Thousands of women are on HRT therapy ‘without’ a Candida infestation. The same is true for the thousands of women taking birth control pills ‘without’ a Candida infestation and the thousands of people taking an antibiotic without Candida. The secret to getting through each of these without contracting a Candida infestation is to keep yourself in top health at all times and to be certain that your immune system is working at its optimum level, which means that your adrenal glands must be healthy and receiving everything they need to stay in top form. Did you know that progesterone (hormone) is the primary raw material for producing adrenal gland hormones, which in turn keep the glands performing at their best? Hormones are important to life itself. It’s all about a balance, a balance which most people pay no attention to until it’s too late.