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It likely will bring temporary to medium length benefit but there are other processes that occur in the gut that can and will still benefit the yeast in the long term (if you have CRC). Certain cycles within the body in my opinion are what favor the yeast and breaking these cycles takes a very long time.

We’ve touched on other topics such as boulardii, FMT’s, enemas, etc. but I think bodily pH, digestion, liver/kidney/pancreas health, methylation, personal habits, etc. are a large part of whats wrong with a lot of us. Some of your flora may come back, but you could still have a hurt liver, inflammation, etc. (which make you feel bad). I highly recommend a holistic and (slow/gradual) way to get better and then go for for the special treatment once you are symptom free and are feeling pretty good.

If you do the diet with antifungals and probiotics, you can get pretty good results within 6-18 months typically but the x-factor in any treatment in my opinion is the supplements you take.

I’ll write more in time but I have some deep thoughts about fighting yeast right now and wanted to give you my opinion.