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@able900:Thank you Sean! I will probably use up what I purchased and after few days just add Mega Flora as a second dose. After I use up the local probiotics, I will try to give her two Mega Flora capsules per day. I just have to figure out what to use to give her probiotics, she cannot swallow capsule so I must dissolve it in something and give her that way, perhaps cooled down tea or something.

@hope4eva77: Yes, it’s bad that she had one round and this is second, but I think that kefir and healthier diet makes them pretty healthy. This is the first time we got hit with something like this. This year it’s just too warm so viruses thrive and there is an epidemic of flu and nasty colds, people end up in hospitals massively. I messed up that I stopped kefir, but with having full house and chaotic environment, I barely kept my head up and figured that couple of weeks break will not do that much harm. I was wrong! If we were on kefir, none of us would have it this bad. We would just get some sniffles like before. And I am happy that they drink kefir. They would have it straight all summer because it tasted more like yoghurt (it changes the taste slightly depending on seasons), but since winter came, the taste is less like yoghurt and more like soda and this is what buggs them as they never drank soda (nor I plan for them to drink it). I, on the other hand, love that fizz. When it’s to strong I would just mix it with fruit and they would still drink it as a smoothie. They are eating a lot of healthy food because they like to pick off my plate. Few times they do that I can serve them same food. For example, how many 3 year olds do you know that eat mixed salad made out of lettuce, peppers, onions or leeks, spinach, tomato, radishes, cucumber, red cabbage, arugula, with or without tuna, dressing out of EVOO, sea salt, garlic, dill and ACV. I serve them this colorful salad with home made bone broth soup and they are happy kids. Like last night I wanted them to have probiotic yoghurt, and put some kids cereal in there so they would eat it and it would fill them up, after they were done with this and drank the home made juice, they moved onto my salad which was made up of lambs lettuce, red cabbage, tomato, red pepper, radishes, cucumber, celery stalks and onions. As it was a big bowl I made, they kept zooming back and getting more onto their plate. Any mothers dream, her kids eating and loving raw salad 🙂

@anidstylie: Thanks for the link. Yes, I read a lot great things about benefits of kefir. I drank it years ago, but then kids came and I was to busy to get to it… until I got sick and started this treatment. I had candida overgrowth most of my life (or so I believe) and drinking kefir with healthy diet is what kept it at bay for years. I remember being healthy and full of energy etc. and I didn’t know I had candida back then. To make it’s effects stronger, I toss some of the extra grains into kefir so we consume it while drinking it. I figured if any of it ends up in intestines, it will produce some more healthy bacteria there (if it survives the stomach acid, not sure, but some claim it does).

@moochpb: Thank you for your advice, but unfortunately I live in part of the world where it’s tough finding a good naturopath. Some claim they are, but a lot of them are quacks just looking to earn money. I am in the process of finding one for myself and if they prove to be good they will get to treat my kids as well. I don’t have anyone I can trust right now and pneumonia is not something to play with on a kid that age.