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Jackie2 wrote:

I know that conventional MDs typically do not treat people for candidiasis, as they simply don’t believe in it. In fact, a lot of us are stuck in this situation because it was a conventional MD that prescribed antibiotics for us. For those that still seek the guidance of an MD, I will share the following:

Jorge had once posted a link to this article about candida by Dr. Mark Hyman, MD. I’ve seen Dr. Hyman on public television talking about diabetes. Despite the fact that he was promoting his own book, I enjoyed his overall message. He takes a Holistic approach to things, and points out many inadequacies of conventional medicine. The second time I read his article about candida, I noticed the link to The Institute for Functional Medicine, where “Functional Medicine” seems to just mean holistic medicine. The web site has a tool to find local “practitioners of functional medicine”. I used it to find an MD near me, and today I called his office and asked if he treats people for candidiasis. They said that he does. So the point of this post is this: it would appear that there is an entire network of MDs (as well as other kinds of doctors) that will treat people for candida issues. I am in the USA; not sure if the network extends overseas.

From what I gather, naturopathic doctors are all trained to treat candida as well (I know that raster sees one). I am not trying to promote one type of doctor over another, I am simply pointing out that there appears to be more doctors out there that will actually treat people for this.


Yes, there are a lot of MD who treat candidiasis. Some of them, real authority in this field. I can send you to see a pioneer candida expert to New York, Texas, California, etc.
I am aware of several them still in service such as John P. Trowbridge, the author of the famous book “The Yeast Syndrome”, Leo Galland, Sydney Baker, etc.


If you know of these doctors are any of them or have any of them worked with you over all of your years of suffering? I’m wondering if they have or if they are working with you what is their feelings on your enema treatments? It is sad to read what is going on with Chris. I go to Mayo Clinic next week. I will let you all know what is found out there.


No, I don’t need them, but there are people who prefer to be treated by a Dr.

I have read all the books those pioneer MDs wrote about this syndrome plus a ton more of research they don’t do.
I am also aware of the patient reports since I participate in the forums. MD don’t do it.

I don’t have any idea what MDs may think about the enemas treatment and don’t care either. The enema treatments are documented in some of the books those pioneer MD wrote. It has been a selective practice indicated by some of them.

Regarding to Chris, I have no idea because he choose to experiment with his own formula. I have never advocated what he uses because I don’t know about that substance, but I don’t question his method either.

I can assure you that is a lot better to be on hands of a MD who treat candida ( in the case you don’t have knowledge) than to be dealing with the garbage you read in the web and many of the called Naturopath.
If you have a chance to be cured, it will be with a proper treatment that may involve immune therapies and medical procedures.

This is a syndrome difficult to treat. When the roots are immunologics, (most of the time) there is almost nothing MD can do.

By the way, I don’t have “many years” like you said dealing with it. It began in 2008 for me. I lost almost 3 years reading shit and doing web protocols that don’t solve anything. It is a “normal” process when people acquire it.