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raster;54764 wrote: I don’t recommend the mcoombs plan because it is a 2 year plan and its quite expensive. His diet also isn’t very strict and contains a lot of fruits, beef, etc. which benefit the yeast. Additionally you could have something similar to yeast overgrowth so treating yourself with a specific plan is not a one size fits all type of plan. For instance, your thyroid, liver, adrenals, pancreas, etc. might need specific attention and treatment which is not in the mcoombs plan.

If you were to buy the supplements in his plan somewhere else, and get a comparable product, you’ll save a boatload of money. For instance, (undecenoic acid) is in his plan but is more than the thorne SF722 stuff. His digestive enzymes are more expensive than comparable enzymes. His detox supplement can be purchased via individual ingredients also.

I recommend consulting a naturopath as an alternative, you might not even have yeast overgrowth and could have something similar that has similar symptoms. Some naturopath’s have 20-30 years experience as well but their knowledge goes beyond candida.


Hi Raster,

Did you try his plan? Did it not work for you? His plan doesn’t seem cost prohibitive to me if it works. He seems to know more about this issue than anyone else out there that I’ve seen, judging by the information he presents that I have not seen anywhere else.