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Mcoombs is only out to make money and peddle his products and business. The fact that it is a 2 year plan should make you pause and be concerned because thats maybe $2000 worth the supplements from him. I’d go and spend that $2000 on better stuff personally. He also is a chiropractor.

He makes a lot of fear based statements too and is a good marketer.

The crux of his plan is taking SF722 undecenoic acid that he renames into another product. This product by itself causes candida to go to its non-pathogenic form.

He also doesn’t know more than anyone else out there but pretends to. He likes to mention a lot of facts and statistics but doesn’t explain very much about his plan.

His plan doesn’t address underlying causes of yeast overgrowth…

I didn’t do his plan and went to a naturopath. So far I have healed my adrenals, brain, thyroid, liver, intestines, etc.