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Somehow I completely failed to make kefir correctly. I need some tips for the next time around. I am pretty upset because I used raw goat milk which won’t be available until next march!

Directions I followed:

1)Get milk to boiling point and then cool to about 70 degrees F.
2)Once at that temp., add the kefir starting kit to the milk and stir.
3)Place in a sealed container (preferably glass) and let sit for 24-36 hours.
4)Then strain to seperate liquid part from chunky part. Put chunks into a new container and add milk to make more!

Well, after 36 hours, the kefir has not formed. No chunks at all and almost completely liquid. No seperation of the milk into various layers either; it just looked like milk that has been sitting for 36 hours with no activity!

What did I do wrong?

I am thinking that the room temperature in my house is too low. We use oil for heat which is expensive to say the least, so we keep the house at 58 degrees F during the day and about 65 degrees F when we are home. We can tough out the cold and this isn’t that bad at all for temp.

I am also thinking maybe the kefir is bad or old.

Please help! I want to make some soon!]