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Jackie2 wrote: Made it through Christmas…what a relief. Made over 300 cookies, a birthday cake (Chocolate fudge cake, filled with a chocolat mouse filing, frosted with a chocolate whipped cream frosting), a huge pasta dinner (Three different types of Pasta with three different sauces) for my daughter’s 17th birthday on Christmas Eve, snacks and wine after Christmas Eve mass, and then Christmas morning I made crepes stuffed with a cottage cheese,egg,and sugar filling. Dinner was ham, baked potatoes, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes with all the nuts and sugar toppings…it went on and on…and I stuck strong to my diet. I made a beautiful salad for myself for both meals, drank kefir in my wine glass while all others assumed it was egg nog. I had a beautiful omlet while they ate crepes.And for a treat once in a while I would nibble on my coconut bread. I felt NOTHING no urge to cheat. No urge to sample no URGE at all. I’m so happy. This has been the best and healthiest lifestyle change of my life. In the past I would have sat around that dessert island and grazed all day long…nope not this year. Thanks so much for your guidance and support here 🙂 This was the best Christmas ever and I will go on and fight and beat this ugly monster….

You will !!!
Keep your efforts and discipline, they will pay you soon or later. You have support in spite this is a young forum. Post your concerns and dudes that always will be someone able to give you an input.