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jackrackblack;44859 wrote: Why did you eat that salad? After reading your posts you make it seem like you finally have realized what you need to do. Then 2 days later you are eating fruit and bread?! Wow.. Think of all the money you are spending on this. You have to see it through.

Thanks, Mr. Candida Cop, for your unneeded criticism.

If you read the post properly, you would have seen that I mainly did it because I was too meek to complain to the waitress that there was nothing I could eat (I am vegan and even that rule was broken by eating the salad + bread) and I didn’t want to make a scene in front of everyone at the table. I haven’t been out to eat since being a vegan, let alone since I’ve started this diet. Basically, I was not prepared/ready for the challenge. And it’s not like I totally went off the wagon and said, “Screw this” and am not doing it anymore. I think it was a positive experience because it showed me, at least, that I wasn’t really missing anything by doing it, number one (there was no craving or desire for the food anyway) and number two it was a good gauge to see how my body would react.

So please keep your judge and jury comments to yourself, thank you very much. I have enough things going on in my life, that the last thing I need is some mult account (because, let’s face it, I see that you are a new poster, so it’s obvious you’re someone with a secret agenda) preaching to me about what I should and should not be doing. I have this under control and don’t need you to wave your finger at me, thank you very much. I’m not punching babies in the face. I ate a few matchsticks of beets and a couple raisins for christ’s sake. I’m not ashamed of what I did. If I was, I wouldn’t have posted it. I like to be honest. Obviously, for some people, being honest is dirty and bad and an open invitation by others to lay on the guilt. I’m only human, and I still stand by everything else I have said on this forum about putting health first. It’s just that my social awkwardness and introverted nature trumped my need to be healthy yesterday, that’s all. I have no problem stating my case in written form, but around others I clam up. So sue me.

ETA: Actually, if people on this board are going to create mult accounts and be cowards, then why even bother sharing my experiences here? I mean, if you’re that cowardly that you’re hiding behind a computer, yet still feel the need to hide behind A SECOND screen name in order to save face, then this is not a place I want to share my experiences. Later.