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Ooops, orgot about the bitters. I had been using Citradidal Grapefruit Seed Extract – an Irish brand made by the Aisling Foundation ( and it contains liquid concentrate 33% vegetable glycerine grapefruit seed extract. No mention of either containing or not containing alcohol. I had been using it once or twice a day after larger meals but stopped it 3 weeks ago when I had a bad throat and sore tongue (spots at back on tongue). It was so sore using it on the already sore tongue that I took a break to allow my mouth to heal but never started it again. I just hate using it after a meal as it gets rid of any nice flavouors I’ve enjoyed… and it’s so hard to make a nice tasty meal with the limited ingredients we can use! But I obviously will start it again straight away if you think it will help – please advise.