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Thanks so much Thomas for sharing your wife’s story. My story before starting the candida diet was similar but I did it the other way round! I kept eliminating & eliminating foods that effected either my skin or my stomach and gradually worked out how to manage my skin condition. I went from being almost completely covered (and woke often with blood on the sheets from scratching at night, as you describe) to just having small patches on my elbows, knees & 1 thigh. If I go particularly stressed it would flare up and come elsewhere but I could get it under control quite quickly.

Within 2 weeks of starting the candida diet my skin was 100% clear and stayed that way until I poisoned myself with the wine nearly 3 weeks ago. So it may well still be the wine working it’s way through the system but I also scaled back on everything else to make sure I wasn’t adding to the problem.

I have never used cortisone on my skin until this very bad outbreak and only now because it was so unslightly on my face I literally couldn’t leave the house. Then when that worked so quickly I thought hey, why not use it on my body too… just a couple times? Anyway – I used it last night and again this morning. I also spent an hour in the sauna this morning and the rash on my hands and arms is much improved already. The dark redness has gone and it’s pale pink now and even silver in places so it’s definitely moving in the right direction.

As I said in my post I don’t think I’m eating anything at the moment that’s affecting it and my food journal really is what I listed above (I will certainly start one so that I can introduce foods & other supplements and track them, thanks for the suggestion). I think it’s more to do with all the pill & potions I’m taking! As I said before I’m impatient so anything I saw recommended I bought & started using it and perhaps didn’t ease my body into each new things in the way that Able recommends. So I’ve decided to start afresh… eat & take the bare minimum for 3 days and then start introducing again.

I hope you are making some small steps towards your recovery. I thank you for your continued support, my friend.