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Hi Able,

I tried to find the Herbs on the list but didn’t find a seller. Then I contacted a Chinese clinic in Stockholm and ask where I could by Chinese herbs. Here is what they wrote to me.
Hi Eckhardt,

There is no chance that you can get Chinese herb only in Sweden.

Is it “cai hu” that you are looking for. The one that makes you sweat and used against fever? We have most of the herbs. I think we have everything but lemon grass. You can get lemon grass at the super market. Please get the pinyin name or Chinese character for us to be sure.

We sell herbs only to our patients with our diagnose. However if you already have a prescription, we can probably make an exception. Please email and let us know how much you want of each kind.

First off all do you know if Bupleurum is really Cai hu? Is there a possibility that you have the real Chinese names for the herbs. I really want to syncroniese the medication. If I get something wirred from them believing it is Bupleurum and it not you and I will never know where i get these wirred reactions from. 😉