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Dear Able!

thank you that you where thinking of us and making the effort to help us!
My history of Swedish Bitter is this. I tried to find bitter without alcohol but didn’t find any. I bought then the herbs only and brewed tea from them. Somehow I had the feeling they smelled mould and I started to get afraid of them. Then I thought I cook the herbs for real and not only pouring water over them. So I boiled the herbs about 10 minutes. I then started to wonder if I kill all the good stuff in them while boiling them like crazy and bought a bottle of swedish bitter with alcohol. I read on the bottle that if one poures hot water over them the alcohol disappears. That was not true as I felt funny, like I would have been drinking a glas of wine after a teaspoon of that bitter.

Now I stopped them all together and you are right I have nothing.
At the moment I have nothing which helps me with the detox. I only do the warm drinking water in the morning and Kefir drinking.

thank you for your great help!
you are a blessing from God mate!