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Update… in shorthand!

The rash isn’t much better… in fact it seems worse than yesterday morning – I must be still doing something to feed it as I’m going in circles.

I went to the sauna yesterday but didn’t feel the same relief as normal – was still uncomfortable, red & itchy last night.

I’m still getting a very strong mucus response to something – nose completely blocked, gunky, crusty (nice!) and I’m pretty sure I’m not eating anything I shouldn’t be. I eat Organic eggs, organic chicken, small amounts of wild salmon, avocado, onions, garlic, aubergine, broccolli, leeks, swede, coconut oil, olive oil – I’ve literally pared my diet right back to that just in case either the mucus or rash was being caused by anything in the bread like oat bran, flax, buckwheat. I’m not even hungry anymore… strange how your body changes.

I got hold of the end of a tube of steroid cream and put it on the rash last night & this morning.

I got my Molybdenum yesterday so took one last night & another this morning.

Right… what I’ve decided for the next few days (with your blessing!!) is to stop everything (Caprylic, garlic, oregano, all the new liver detox stuff, Cod liver oil, Solgar Mixed Vit, Vit C) and just take the Molybdenum (1), 150 bill probiotic (2) & Kefir (2). (Any of these you think I should leave in like the vit C?)

Then after 3 days introduce 1 thing at a time and see if I get a response to anything? I just think I’m bombarding my body with far too much all at once and it just isn’t coping. I introduced everything too fast and at max dosage (the usual impatient me wanting a fast response!). Seeing as I’m not getting any other candida or die off symptoms I should be safe to do this?

Should I stop the lemons (still having about 4 a day) just in case my body has decided it doesn’t like them? And just drink loads & loads of bottled water?

I’m going for a blast on the sunbed (not recommended) this morning and an hour in the sauna this afternoon.

Your thoughts please!

Lucy x