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Lucylu wrote: Able …
Thanks again for your ongoing help. I can only imagine how much worse this would all be for myself & Thomas if we didn’t have you in our corner.

You’re very welcomed, Lucy.

I am SO glad you were able to get that much rest over the weekend, and God bless your husband for being so understanding as far as being willing to help you with your treatment in the way he has. Please tell him that there is one American who is looking up to him this morning as a model husband.

Quote: “visualizing a healing white light on my skin & belly”

Lucy, that’s probably the wisest thing you’ve done yet as far as helping with your cure. Since you believe in this as I do, I would advise you to do this as often as possible throughout your day anytime and anyplace as long as you have a few seconds to concentrate and focus on your wellness.

As far as Bupleurum and the other herbs are concerned, I would start with the first one you can find. If you can find the Bupleurum right away, then of course start with this one, if not, use whichever you can find. Using them all eventually, meaning start with one and gradually add the others, is perfectly fine – just watch for an allergic reaction as you add each new one and allow enough time between adding them to note any changes.

By the way, Lucy, Citricidal Grapefruit Seed Extract is not a bitter herb which helps your body to produce its own enzymes and aiding digestion and flushing the liver. GSE is an antifungal just like oil of oregano and garlic. Please read the following information that I posted this morning for another member.–Question-for-Raster.aspx#post7660

Thanks for letting us know how your weekend went, and I’m sincerely very happy about the improvements.