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Yes, you work up to the full dose of molybdenum, starting at one a day and adding a tablet each day for the next two days, until you are at 3 tablets of 250 mcg each.

Given your diet, I’d stop the coconut oil right now. The sweet tea and the bread are feeding the candida, increasing the populations in you, making for a worse die off when you take the coconut oil. The coffee is bad for your gut as well, for several reasons — caffeine stresses your adrenals and raises blood sugar and the acidity messes with your gut pH.

Nettle leaf tea and milk thistle supplements support the liver and should be taken with the molybdenum. Your liver is what’s going to clean up the crap that the dying candida leaves in your system. It’s probably already overloaded from the ongoing infestation. Give it a few days of this extra support then start on the proper diet and protocol.

It’s really important for you and all of us us to pay attention to what we are eating and understand its effects on us. When you say you are eating “meat,” you should be clearer with yourself and the various people on the forum, if you want to make healthier choices.

The reason you don’t want to eat beef, if that is what you mean by meat, is it is much harder to digest than vegetables, egg or chicken, and with the damage that candida does to our digestive system, it can end up partially rotting, releasing ammonia and causing further trauma and toxins to your gut, before it finally gets all the way through your digestive tract. So no beef while you’re healing your gut.

I defer in all my answers to those who have been on the forum longer and have cured their own infestations, but I’d have to say that focusing on keeping to the strict diet will take enough willpower — if you think you can do that and quitting smoking, more power to you, but the gut needs healing before the lungs, I would say. And as for the pot, as long as it doesn’t cause you to break the diet, I wouldn’t see it as important to quit as the sugar-containing foods.