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Hello All,
I am also wondering about this as well. I am already skinny and prior to starting my cleanse i was working out a lot and eating about 6 times a day. Mostly to keep enough protein in my body to feed my muscles. I want to get back in the gym and put weight on again but i just don’t know how to go about it.

Is it safe for me to eat high protein diet 6 times a day?
– I know that i cannot have read meat and also i have read to not over due it on the chicken and turkey.

Is it safe to eat buckwheat several times a day?

– Is it safe to eat eggs 5 days a week? if so how many?

– If i use the coconut bread to eat sandwiches what would be used to substitute meat that is high in protien aside from avacado? (being that it is not recommended to eat a lot of meat weekly) IM used to eating about 3 to 4 chicken breast a day.

I lose weight quickly and my fear is that i am going to lose so much keeping with this diet that i will never be able to gain it back. I am 5’8 165 and on my second day of the detox (no longer drinking the websites detox drink). I have done water fasts before and usually shed 8-10 pounds in 4 to 5 days, so going a few months with no carbs had me freaking out at the though i might drop double or triple that weight. I have been in these forums for at least a good 7 hours straight and like other the information has my brain on overload.

Is there a way to go about eating for athletic individuals that would allow for weight gain?

I used to drink shakes prior and read the labels for additives so that i make the right choice. Whey was the way i would get this needed protein between meals, but i have read that it just feeds the candida.

If your curious my symptoms are fingernail fungus (i believe to be candida), white tongue, stomach pains now and then and spots of skin here and there almost like eczema.

OP sorry if it seems like i hi-jacked your post.