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Thanks. This really helped. I also had chronic sinus infections. During midweek my usual sinus headache returned and that was the trigger of me feeling sorry for myself. Sort of like ‘if I am going to continue to have these I might as well NOT be starving’. I stopped the SF722 and the probiotic for 2 days to see what would happen. I don’t think I felt that different. I guess my die off is better I just now have the sore throat and sinus headache. Frankly would rather have die off and no ‘sick’ symptoms because it makes me know it’s working. THIS just makes me think I’m doing all of this and my immunity has remained the same. I’m staying on and will incorporate acupuncture when I get back.

Please update us on how the colonic treatment works. I used to get them and my acupuncture person does them. However, I don’t care for them that much.