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I know that “losing faith” feeling and it sucks. Here’s my advice:

Research mercury toxicity. Did you know that amalgam/silver fillings are 50% mercury? Do you have any fillings? If not, are you an avid fish eater? Have you received a lot of immunizations? If so, the root cause of your issues is almost certainly mercury, not candida. In fact, almost all mercury poisoned people have yeast issues. The good thing about mercury poisoning is that it is treatable.

I too followed this diet with the intent of rebuilding my gut for over a year. I saw some improvement within a couple of months, but then got worse and have since been stuck on this same plateau. I then learned 4 months ago that I was mercury poisoned. I strongly urge you all to look into mercury poisoning and specifically Andy Cutler’s chelation protocol in order to get the mercury out. The candida diet followed on this forum is great for suppressing yeast symptoms, but will NOT cure you. If it did you would see a lot more success stories floating around here. Unlike candida, there are a good amount of mercury success stories out there.