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My long-term symptoms are anxiety (and depression I think, though that could have been just a result of experiencing the other symptoms), exhaustion, brain fog, rosacea on the face and some digestive disorderedness. Energy, mood and brain fog were the most debilitating (though the rosacea is annoying as all get out!) and all 3 were great during the trip and for the first few days after I got home. Until I kicked up the antifungals and probiotics. On the trip, I mostly focused on supporting the liver and keeping carbs to a minimum.

I packed ziplock bags of a buckwheat crepe-like recipe from the forum (I packed the buckwheat flour, baking powder, turmeric and salt, I think those were the ingredients) then I bought eggs on vacation and added oil, water and eggs to make them. I bought chicken and vegetables as well, and just sauteed up onions and zucchini or broccoli along with chicken each night, seasoned with lemon juice and sea salt, and ate before everyone went out to dinner or just stayed in. I boiled eggs for our outings, took those and some precooked chicken, sliced avocado and the buckwheat pancakes in a soft-sided cooler and sometimes I made a salad and topped it with egg and hemp seeds and chicken. I had tiny travel-sized shampoo bottles filled with water (so I could get them through airport security) that I re-froze every night. I did buy off-diet green olives there, because they were portable and high energy.

I also brought along ingredients for the buckwheat groats and oatbran and hempseed breakfast porridge that someone posted on the forum, and I had chicory coffee as well. I picked up some coconut milk in a grocery there and added that to my “coffee,” and I did bring xylitol and stevia along for the chicory as well, which helped when everyone around me was eating pastries and drinking cafe au lait. Oh, I also made up a sugar-free nutella spread from this recipe before I left and had a batch or two of the buckwheat crepes that didn’t have turmeric in them, so I could have nutella and crepes when I was really feeling desperate.
(I substituted 2-3 tbsp of xylitol for the coconut sugar.)

It was doable, and I enjoyed feeling really normal for the first time in months, so that kept me from being too morose about missing pain au chocolat, red wine, cheese, baguettes and the like. I did have most of one shot of whiskey on a couple of occasions when my husband and I were able to get out on our own in the evening, as I figured it wouldn’t feed the candida and my liver seemed okay.

Now that I’m back and on the strict diet, I’m feeling tired and just recently my anxiety has returned strongly. I think this is because of an awful motorcycle accident that happened in front of me earlier in the week. I’ve never witnessed a fatal accident before and I can’t really separate out the post-traumatic shock from the candida die-off effects right now. So I’m feeling pretty down right now, but I don’t know that I can blame the candida for that.

I hope you enjoy the trip and that getting out of the daily routine energizes you. And I hope you get to a turning point in your treatment soon!