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hwc2020;47113 wrote:
I will look into mercury although I only have 2-3 fillings. They are old though. I don’t eat much fish. Maybe 2x a week (now) and only wild salmon and shrimp (I know still mercury).

I’m glad you are considering the mercury issue. Also, just so you know 2-3 fillings is more than enough to build up a significant mercury toxicity. Of course, this also depends on how long you have had them.

Also, in almost all cases bloating is a sign of low stomach acid. Sometimes it means high stomach acid, but very rarely. You could try taking Betaine HCL with pepsin with your meals and see if this helps with that issue. I used to get bloating all the time and have found relief from this problem by taking both Swedish Bitters (something Able recommends) and Betaine HCL with my meals. If you’re interested here’s a link that talks about how you should supplement with HCL: