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Thanks for the responses guys, cant tell you how much I appreciate it. Such a lovely close knit community, surely the best on the internet! I’ll get back to you all when I have a bit more time. If anyone wants to see my homeopaths website I’ll PM to them, so everyone can have a view on what they think of him, I would start by reading his “about me”. Tbh I would be surprised if you find anything dodgy, he’s pretty watertight.

Hi Raster, Im awaiting his proposed plan of action after receiving my results a few days ago, should receive it in the next day or two, I will send it to you so you can get at least a slight insight of how clued up he really is. I’ve learnt it takes up to 2 years to get rid of mercury? With a damaged immune system it could be longer surely! HA I guess you have to laugh at how ridiculous this all is.

Once again thanks guys.