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Hi Thomas! – How are you doing brother? Thanks for the response. This sounds very interesting what you’ve said about the intestines. It makes sense that I should address the SIBO first. Some people say SIBO is quite easy to get rid of whilst some say its extremely difficult to get rid of. Not really sure what to believe.. Whats your opinion now?
I believe its both. What is good is that you will noticed that you are not a victim and dont understand what is going on. But you will have to change your life and for some this is very hard. I am not healed yet but I manage the symptoms. I feel good but my diet is very restricted. I want to come back to a level where I can eat all the SCD allowed fruit and veggies. Right now I am mainly eating brew and soupe types. I eat very little veggies and cut off all the peels. (fibre) and even filter out all seeds etc. Gelantine is a good thing to add to all your soups and you can blend the powder with a juice of a pressed grapefruit etc.
Your cells need protein, fat and glucose. Now I want to give my body strenght so the immunesystem builds up again. I follow right now the SCD diet! You should read two books they will teach you a lot.


I guess you have found it quite easy to treat seeing that you noticed such a huge improvement in your cognition after…3 days?! Thats amazing! Im starting to get slightly optimistic, the problem is, is that I haven’t been eatin any fibre at all really in my diet…except from the vegetables below, most of the veg I ate is in the really low fibre category. Just to let you know I’ve been cheating a little bit recently…I ate a piece of gluten free toast just now and have begun to get gassy, is that from the fibre? Theres only 2.3grams in a slice.
For you 2 gram is not a lot but for a bacteria which you see only in the microscop its a lot. With food they will doubble and mulitply every 20 minutes. All veggies here in the candida forum are designed to be pre-probiotics, feeding bacteria. Its a good thing if you are balanced but bad if you have SIBO

I dont have any diarrhoea really, only when I’ve taken too many digestive enzymes. I do though get quite alot of intense constipation. Are you saying I should just eat bone broth and soup for a week or so? What about sugar etc?

If you are constipated you have a bacteria which is producing methane gas. They like to constipate you to keep the food longer having a party. Your intestines will produce muccus to protect the guts. The troubble with that is that the food will not come in contact with the enzyms. That means your cells dont get food and you are malnutritioned. While the bacteria get the food. Hopefully if you do the brew for 3 to 5 days BUT NOT LONGER you will notice a big change. If they bacteria has died down the constipation should be less too because of less methan gas producing bacteria. Otherwise try other messures to get the constipation loose without the fibre. About sugar: Honey is ok to use little, because its a monosaccaride and will give your cells glucose. Your body needs it and its getting into your system in the first section of the small intestines. Dont take a lot so, because of the candida.

This was my regime. KISS meaning Keep it simple stupid! The cells need protein, fat and glucose. I eat fatty brew, chicken meat for protein and gelatin powder in the soup, I eat lard and coconut fat, olive oil, and have a little honey in a weak coffe at times. Sometimes I eat a brown spotted banana steaked in olive oil. That too is a monosaccharide and gives me glucose and potasium. I steak minced meat with himalaya salt, steak myself some tomato and eggplant and eat it with lots of olive oil. I drink lemmon, lime and grapfruit. I press them out, delute them with water and filter out the fibre.

With that diet I keep the symptoms in controll. I write down what I eat, check the symptoms and than I start adding, testing one new item at the time.


So glad to hear your improving, well done! Hopefully I can follow suit soon!!


Me too mate! Do the intro diet from GAPS or SCD diet. That is a good start. Stopp for now with all types of supplements. Remember the motto: KISS(Keep it simple stupid) 😉

Hope I’ve also been able to give you a bigger picture of my situation. I’ve got the gut and psychology book, so thats a good start!

Great tell me how the book is, I am planning to buy it too. Hear great things about it.

Best Wishes
you too mate! Good luck to you! Write me a PM otherwise I might miss your post and tell me how you are doing!