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Well it sounds like he hasn’t implemented any plans or protocols after 3 months of visiting him. This is ridiculous, he is dilly dallying around and this is not acceptable.

After the first appointment with my naturopath he will put you on about $100-200 worth the supplements that cover the topics Mrs. Candida mentions. He has a 3-4 phase plan that involves chelation, alkalization, minerals, cleaning my colon, etc. When I get sick he prescribes me $100 worth the homeopathics (Unda) or if I have seizures, he knows how to cure this immediately.

So if he has not given you any supplements yet and you haven’t noticed an improvement then it just isn’t working. You should’ve seen improvement immediately within 2 weeks of visiting him. He should’ve acted immediately to get this under control and should know how to treat people who have candida.

I have only taken one test and it is related to my adrenals and I haven’t done anything else to get a diagnosis. He knows I have yeast and knows how to treat it. He doesn’t need a test to confirm that I am ill with it. Everyone has yeast and parasites and its a leading cause of health problems around the world.

Has he prescribed you any homeopathics yet? This can heal your liver, etc. and relieve of some of your symptoms (but not all). The UNDA ones work but I don’t know if the other brands are as effective.