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Thomas – I take 2 digestive enzymes pretty much every time I eat, it is definitely neccessary for me as I have dangerously low stomach acid. (probably what caused all this in the first place, from taking so many antiacids from severe acid refluxI used to get!) This morning until this afternoon, over a 4 hour period I have had to take 5 digestive enzymes and I was still constipated! I started to get really angry and felt lots of symptoms when I was constipated, as you said, is it the release of the methane gas etc causing the symptoms?

I like the fact you have your own mantra it makes sense, might start one myself! One thing I have to say is I will be starting the gaps diet tomorrow or day after and get the impression that will help me alot. I wasnt eating enough food basically before, so I was essentially starving myself. I’ve now realised you really have to force yourself to eat!

Raster and Thomas – Also can anyone comprehend this, for the past 2 days I have gone off the diet and been eating pork, small bits of gluten, gluten free bread (stopped after first day due to reaction), drinking raw hot chocolate with xylitol and a few dry Himalayan berries, red meat and a very small amount of cheese and basically haven’t felt this excellent in months. Fatigue and energy levels drastically improved, depression pretty much gone, cognition definitely improved, ability to handle stress and manic reactions much improved therefore behaviour improved.

Today (day 3) I woke up after having really serious night sweats but felt incredibly refreshed, after eating naughty foods this morning (for the last day!) I started to feel very agressive as If i was having a massive allergic reaction but again as I said earlier I was constipated, so I feel that was the main reason for feeling this way not actually having a reaction.
I’ve not been really reacting that much to any of the foods I’ve been eating except the ones with yeast and sugar in, any reasoning behind this?

Raster – As the results show Raster, my liver is in good order! Hmmm… I genuinely think constipation is at least a starting point in terms of the toxicity feeling I get, the fact that before I wasn’t eating enough before must of been contributing to the fatigue, depression and brain fog, surely right? I will be starting the gaps diet tomorrow so hopefully that will be what I need. This supports alot of the way I was feeling

Thanks so much