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1533jd;38398 wrote: Hi Everyone!

For over 8 months months of strict dieting and supplementation and £4000 later, I can confirm that I am not getting better in any shape or form. This is extremely upsetting because everyone in my family is fighting to get me to have a brain scan and to see a psychiatrist. I am constantly fighting them, having to give a presentation of why I should still keep fighting etc and constantly are having to try and convince them Im on the right path. They are not convinced, they think homeopathy is complete quackery, and to be honest I understand why, from what they’ve seen first hand so far, their isnt much tangible proof to sway their opinions.

As you can imagine its not nice living in an environment where everyone disagrees with you, there saying black and Im the only person whose saying white, so that just adds to the feeling of guilt that I am just wasting my time with Homeopathy and should just sign my life sentence to start antibiotics or potentially go on some anti-phychotic medicine to help rid me of the brain fog. Oh the thought of going on anti-psychotic medicine… I’ve watched one of my friends start anti-psychotic meds due to acute toxic psychosis and watched immense weight gain (about 3 stone), spots, dead looking skin, depression and a change in personality happened in just over a year

My homeopath whose very highly respected talks (mixes with Dr Myhill) in riddles, when asked how long my recovery will take his usual response to my problems are “they’re complex and multi-faceted”. I really don’t know what to believe. Is he stretching my recovery period in order to extort as much money as possible from me? Who knows… Another thing he does is deflect questions which usually demand definitive answers, this obviously aggravates both my parents and I. Its difficult not to be suspicious of his intentions really, he very often miraculously has patients who are next in line cancel, which gives him the opportunity to go overtime. One time he spent an hour and 40 mins going over results! Being £150 and hour thats pretty ridiculous money and time needed to go through results. My parents have had to live with a very grumpy individual (being me!) for over a year and frankly they’ve had enough of it and think I need to be sedated. Putting myself in their shoes I am almost certain I would not want to be living with someone like me in my constant state! I have taken some marshmallow root (didnt work) and peppermint oil, that seems to of calmed down my inflammation a bit but I am in a constant high stress state and so the slightly calmer feeling recedes after about 10-20 minutes

Personally I think the inflammation is what could be causing most of the pain and constant discomfort and restlessness, wouldnt you think? My symptoms have improved at points and brain fog has lifted again at points but no real sustained improvement has happened over the course of this period, which is extremely upsetting.

I am now becoming very depressed and am having a couple of manic hissy fit episodes a day now. This happens usually because I get so worked up having to defend my homeopath, homeopathy and the fact that I WILL get better going down this path rather than the alternate route. The problem I face despite everything making sense in terms of symptoms and the story line in my head of how this happened, Im still at the end of the day defending a man who ultimately taken £4000 from my bank account and still done zilch to help me progress. I cant think properly, Im in constant high stress inflamed state and extremely anxious about what the future holds and something needs to be done, yet there is nothing i can think of to do. Either I go down mainstream medicine route, take antibiotics, get rid of the SIBO and destroy my gut flora and intestinal lining even more, thus encouraging more candida to accumulate or shell out another 3-4000 pounds not dollars to potentially get know where!

I get angry so easily and Im having to have arguments and constant debates with my family with brain fog which is ridiculously hard. A deep sense of shame kicks in every time I have to get to the point of such manic anger every time we have these heated discussions, I guess its because I get so passionate when in debate and now (because of the lack of progresss) it falls on deaf ears no matter how logical my argument is because of the lack of progress. I haven’t even really been using anti-fungals very much over the past month, if I were to, It would be 2 or 3 tablets before I go to bed. I couldnt take any more than 6 SF722, without feeling dire the next day.

I didn’t even realise I had SIBO until about 2 weeks ago when I called my Homeopath and said “I think SIBO could be a conflicting factor affecting my progress” of which he replied “err yes we know you have SIBO”. It took me nearly 7 months to finally click that I have both candida and SIBO. I guess I just thought they were the same thing at the time. It must be SIBO causing all the problems, right?!

Anyway my tests have shown that my bacterial overgrowth has got worse as I guess I wasn’t treating it. I also have mild Organophosphate, nitrosamine and Mercury Poisoning which I can only assume happened because of smoking weed or the fact that I am in a valley completely surrounded by farm land. This I believe could support one of his riddles of saying “we are very complex” and it could be SIBO and poisoning, which could support his favourite of all that generally our health problems are “multi faceted”. The poisoning and the fact I didnt really realise I had SIBO could be inhibiting my progress perhaps?

Going back to the farm issue, the main farm is 100 metres from my house and in order to get to their storage barns and majority of the fields they have to go through a private road which goes past my house, lorries will drive past every now and then. There is often a stench of pesticides in the air in certain parts of the year fyi and also we have a private borehole which we share with the rest of the village which is also pretty much in the middle of the valley, so groundwater flow and throughflow could occur as the water and pesticides saturate into the soil which means somehow it could of contaminated our water supply? Who knows..

Anyway I am pretty certain I am a Gaps child. Meaning that I have had gut dysbiosis all my life and a theory could be because my immune system was so suppressed all my life due to having candida and maybe sibo from such a young age that the poisons found it much easier to enter my system? Everyone in my family bar my middle bro has not been diagnosed yet for their gut dysbiosis, its very clear they all have it but obviously were not even going to think about trying to cure them with homeopathy if they cant cure me!

I just got off the phone with my Homeopath and is suggesting that the bill could be anything at the end of this, hardly reassuring and also didn’t disagree that anti-psychotics could potentially be an option, oh god!!
I really need some help, reassurance and support as sooner rather than later Im going to be penniless, extremely depressed and part of the “mystery illness club”!

I have put on a straight face for too long and now, I really need help, I would appreciate any love or support that anyone can offer as I am just very alone and upset. No one supports me, no one believes me and Im starting to lose faith in my own reasoning and feel some decision making needs to be made. Going down the road less travelled has already shown me that I might not even get marginally better after spending astronomical fees so it looks like giving in and following everyone else’s opinion might be the only option.

Best Wishes,

Hi JD. I know exactly what you are going through. Its frustrating when you spend money and are getting limited results, not to mention no support from your family. Luckily I went the standard medical route prior to the homeopathy so my family got to see first hand how bad the standard medical community is. I spent thousands of dollars on tests which showed absolutley nothing, meanwhile I was getting worse and extremely depressed. I had their full support once I decided to go the homeopathy route and thats when I was diagnosed with candida, adrenal fatigue, and hypothyroid.

Im still struggling but Im not giving up hope because I have seen numerous positives since I started treatment. The only thing antibiotics/physchiatrists/etc did was make me extremely worse and broke.

Dont lose faith in the natural medicine. I look at it like this, these things have helped millions of people for thousands of years. Only in the last 50 years or so have doctors gone away from using natural medicine. Its all about making huge profits for drug and insurance companies. Besides, they know they dont cure anybody and thats exactly what they want because if everyone was feeling well all the time they wouldnt exist.

As far as frustration with your homeopath you need to keep this in mind also. While they have your best interests at heart and I believe they geniunley care about people, at the end of the day they have a business to run and bills to pay also. Once you understand this then it makes it alot easier to accept. At the end of the day I use them to guide me and put me on the right track, but I know my health ultimatley lies in my own hands.