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“It sounds like this doctor isn’t very good in my opinion. What kind of homeopathics are you taking and what do they do?

If he is not using the unda/seroyal line of homeopathics then I would go somewhere else because this is the gold standard in my opinion.

What has he done to get the toxins out of your body? Reducing the toxins reduces brain fog…”

Do you mean what supplements?
What are the unda and seroyal line of homeopathics?
He hasn’t really advised anything specific to get toxins out as of yet, but hopefully he will in his new constructed plan coming my way over the next few days. His plan will be either be the final straw or the reasoni stay with him, obviously depending on how good the plan is. I’ll send it to you when I get it so you can have a verdict.

I was on the phone with him yesterday and once again he was coming ourt with riddles, explained he had no idea how much this would all cost and seemed to have no idea of the time bracket. Gave me no reassurance or confidence really that this is going to over sooner rather than later. He comes across as a kind man so in the past his manner and tone was always good enough to reassure me when things didnt go well, for the first 3 months that was ok but now if starts to get a bit tiring having to listen to the same riddles, same standard phrases and comfort lines.

The more I talk about him the more I think that it’s time to move on. Anyway £2000 of the £4000 I’ve spent is transferrable information, being test results.

What should I do?
Thanks for the support guys.