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Hi mate,
these diets are conflicting! If you have SIBO and you are not better after 8 month with the anti-candia diet and still have brainfog you have to adress the bacterial overgrowth first. I would not do anything drastic as you believe you have candida too. If you, would kill all the bacteria with a great antibiotic called Rifaximin. A antibiotic which only stays in the intestines you might create a place for the candida to take over that place which is not a good idea either.

Do the first things first. Lets get the bacteria down with the right diet.
Stop eating fiber! After I did that I stopped having brain fog after 3 days. My constant diarre stopped. Read about the GAPS or SCD diet and start with the intro there. Dont take pre-biotic in the beginning, no pro-biotic either. You simply dont want to feed or get more bacteria. As a SIBO sufferer you already have them on the wrong place and too many. Then you have to check if you have to little stomach acid. Fix that problem, dont eat after 20.00 hours and dont eat all the time. This will fix your prestialis, the movement of your intestines. The movement has to be strong to push them out from your small intestines. Doing the intro and what I said about the other stuff will give you a break where you will feel much better after a week. Candida or not. I became suddenly 80 percent better. When I eat wrong I get a stomach like a ballon and notice how the bacteria makes gas, I feel bad and its another feeling than Candida. After 2.5 years I start to see it. Now I start adressing candida! Do one thing att the time but I believe to get out of deppression and giving yourself and your family and your money a break. Stopp first with fiber intake and see what happens. After a week you know!