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Mend all;56783 wrote: Hello,
This inquiry is for Raster. I am still learning how to blog and finding my way around this forum, not sure how to reply to a particular person yet. My question is the candida diet has left me weak and every time I get up from sitting I feel like I’m going to faint and things black around me. Is this hypoglycemia? I am taking coconut oil everyday and oregano oil under the tongue and just bought a very strong probiotic 50 billion. I have been on the diet for a couple of months but have cheated on occasion. This is a very difficult diet .



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As far as weakness, its hard to say what is going on because I am no medical doctor. However, if you don’t eat enough food, you’ll feel weak. If your adrenals/thyroid are drained, then you will feel week. If you don’t absorb the energy from the food you eat you’ll feel weak. If you have sleeping problems, you’ll feel weak…

For me, I’ve noticed my energy levels are strongly related to liver health and you mention taking the antifungals and probiotics, but what is more important than both of these is detoxing the toxins. So if you aren’t detoxing properly then you’ll have low energy and feel bad. I wish I could help more; I recommend consulting a naturopath and/or starting acupuncture to improve your energy and help address the problem. You might be over doing it, I just don’t know. You likely need a proper diagnosis and this sounds pretty serious imho and I would get it checked out by a medical professional.