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You may need to get your hormonal balance checked again, maybe even get a second opinion if you possibly can. A lot of your symptoms are similar to what I had before while also all my tests came back completely within the range and my doctor said that I was probably just depressed. I went to see another doctor who diagnosed me hypothyroid based on my symptoms, these included: low basal temperature and heart rate, brain fog/forgetfulness, depression, poor sleep, sudden weight gain, fatigue, pains and aches, cold hands and feet, and generally not feeling quite alive anymore. One of the signs was that my foot soles were yellow as well.

One way to check at home if your thyroid isn’t working optimally is to measure your body temperature and your heart rate first thing in the morning before getting up from bed. If your resting heart rate is slower than 65 beats per minute, and your temperature lower than 97.6 F (36.8 Celcius) then this is a clear indication of lowered metabolism. And if this is the case for you, trying a very restricted diet could actually make matters worse. While the Candida diet may help with some of your digestive problems, if you have lowered metabolism already you will need to be extra careful not to go too low on carbs and to make sure you get enough calories to meet your metabolic needs.

When you had your blood work done did they check vitamin and mineral deficiencies as well? And did they check if you had increased thyroid antibodies?