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I am also a smoker, and I feel that quitting smoking will be the single biggest thing to help you get over candida.

If you are suffering from adrenal fatigue, this may be the second biggest thing to try to improve. This can be done in a number of ways.

Other major things you should consider are supplements; undeceonic acid (SF722), grape bitters, molybdenum, vitamin d/zinc/magnesium, and antifungals such as oregeno oil are popular and effective. You will also definitely need to get a probiotic that has many strains of beneficial bacteria. This will help your gut fight off the candida and is the single most important part of the recovery process. I’d start out with one with 30 billion or so at first, and then work your way up. I am taking one that is 12.5 billion right now and it is also effective.

Another thing to consider is to sweat out the toxins through using a steam room, hot tub, sauna, or even hot bath; the skin is the body’s largest organ and causing sweating will really help you detoxify. Also, the oil pulling (oral thrush) can be effective.