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I had a mold problem in my apartment that was partially responsible for me getting ill with candida. You are not alone! I was out of work for 2 years and did nothing but apply for jobs all day and sit my my moldy apartment. The mold existed in the bathroom which was due to lack of ventilation. I used to hyperventilate for hours and only felt good when not at the apartment. Eventually I started to have seizures in my sleep and that point I decided to move out.

There are things you can do to protect yourself from mold. A dehumidifier will remove moisture in the air. An air purifier with purify the air you breath (some atleast). Vinegar and bleach kill (visible) mold and light kills mold as well. I am sure you’ve read up on this stuff so just stating some basic things…

One way to get your landlord to “comply” with your health is to bust out the county health inspector on their ass. That’ll get them nice and pissed off and they will have to do everything possible to fix the problem at that point. Who knows, maybe they will even evict you! If they don’t comply there will be leins against the property. Also, if you didn’t know this, you can have a “breach of contract” with the landlord for not having a healthy, unhabitable place to live. Mold is something you can use to breach you lease with the landlord. The landlord likely will fight this, but if you get a good lawyer, you have the upper hand. Additionally, if you find a good doctor, you can get “toxic mold poisoning” diagnosed and then sue your landlord for having a dwelling that has poisoned you. You can make them pay for your health expenses, etc. This is a big longshot, but since you have documented high levels within the air…it’ll be easier to prove your case.

Mold ruined my life and I started to get ill around the same time as you in November 2010. Once I moved out I immediately started to get better. However, I truly did not feel “normal” until I got started on the candida diet and have since been on the diet for the last 11 months.

I wish you luck with this problem; if you start getting seizures like I did, then I would consider moving out despite the costs.