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Thank you all for your replies. It was my seven pound seven ounce cat that was the warning sign for the mold. One night she started vomiting foam, her pupils dilated, she went very cold and stiff. She spent four days in ICU. The first day they thought she wasn’t going to recover, but they kept working on her and she survived. Perfect blood work, perfect x-rays…….no idea what had happened, other than a grand mal seizure. After my undiagnosable mystery illness, and then the added trauma of our cat, I called for a mold test and bingo. “Death House” is a complicated story with many variables that I can’t or don’t want to get into here, but basically all the mold is in the dirt crawl space under the house and the house is a pile of sticks sitting on an open pit. Steps have been made to remediate, but they are just not good enough for me or up to my standards, so we are leaving.

I worry about my pets – three cats. They are all eating tons of food (sound familiar)? I wonder if when we are out, I shouldn’t do some sort of protocol for them as well.

I am taking Vital 10 for my probiotic and am eating lots and lots of leeks and garlic. I have now just purchased flax seed. It was the oatmeal that messed me up again. The list that the doctor gave me – it was on there, but saw on the forum that it should be oat bran. Since stopping that, and red and green peppers, I am mending again. Too scared to try the Oat Bran yet, but I have purchased it.

I do have a question though – has anyone else experienced spine pain? When this all started, I would have electric shocks in my spine (neck area and between shoulder blades) and goose bump patterns in weird shapes on my left arm. I thought the goose bump patterns could have been a mild seizure symptom, and thankfully those haven’t happened in a long time. But, my spine still gets really stiff and painful. Just like a log. Is it nutrition issues? Fungus? Any thoughts? I sleep on a heating pad every single night.

Again, thanks for all your replies. It is indescribable to be able to talk about this without someone arguing with me or doubting me or wearing me out. I wish I would have found the forum a lot earlier.

P.S. I was on Nystatin for the first two weeks as well as Diflucan for the first two weeks 100mg per day. Now I am on Diflucan on just Monday, Wednesday, Friday in 100mg dose. I have rashes on my face, neck, armpits, behind knees, all over lower legs, ankles and tops of feet. They are getting much better, but they tend to pop back up when it gets really warm out. They are better, but they are not gone – just dormant. That’s why I know I still have a ways to go. Does anyone else do really poorly in hot weather. My hands and feet get really red when it is 85 degrees or higher outside.