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Ok, I think I’ll probably do 3-4 days with just veggies, and then add in the chicken. Any other recommendations for protein, or things I should add in at the start? Here’s how I’m imagining it:

Day 1-4 just vegetables
Day 4-7 chicken and vegetables
Then every 3-4 days:
Add in kefir?
Start adding in the veggies that I left out, like tomatoes and red/yellow bell peppers
Then eggs?
Then coconut flour
Then maybe oat bran
Coconut milk?

And then maybe try out almonds or something? How does that sound?

Also, is it normal for symptoms to show up 2-3 days after eating something? On Friday I had some Chinese chicken that the waiter assured me was free of everything I told him I couldn’t eat, but I’m sure it had some sugar or something. And then it wasn’t until Sunday that I felt pretty shitty.

I’m still working on getting a thermometer so I’ll post that once I know.