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Hmm, this is all really interesting. I’m skyping with my naturopath tomorrow so hopefully I’ll get some answers about adrenal fatigue, thyroid stuff, and more. I’m also planning on reading some more about adrenal fatigue (primarily James Wilson’s book on the subject) soon.

Here’s a quick update and a few more questions:

I was traveling around the region last week and so I went off the diet. I ate a lot of sugar, wheat, everything bad, all with the idea that I would be soon giving them up to do this elimination diet. I noticed i was really bloated the first few days, and my skin got a lot worse. In terms of my other main symptoms (yeast infection, hair loss, dry skin, etc.) those seemed to remain constant or get better or worse intermittently. For example, I had a few days where I felt great, no yeast symptoms whatsoever. It might have just been because I was on vacation and not as stressed as I normally am?

Yesterday I started the elimination diet. I’m planning on eating only vegetables (roasted, steamed, raw and sauteed) for the next few days before I start adding things in. I’ve included small amounts of red and yellow bell peppers and even a couple bites of carrots, knowing that they have more sugar and starch but feeling like I need more variety.

I also started taking the Adrenal cortex recommended by ThomasJoel, and Molybdenum and SF722. I’ve upped the ACE to two doses a day, and I will up the SF722 in 4-5 days if I don’t have much die-off. I feel pretty good at the moment, but it’s only day 2. No die-off to speak off yet.

A few questions:

-How many days should I do just vegetables before I add something in?

-What would you suggest as the first few things to add in? Eggs? Chicken?

-Is it okay to drink homemade kefir throughout all this, or should I treat it as a test food and add it in like everything else?

-Should I wait to take probiotics and antifungals? Or can I continue taking them as I have been? I noticed that the “protocol” suggested waiting a few weeks.

-Should I be leaving out nightshade vegetables too? I am purposely not eating tomatoes or eggplant, but I didn’t realize that includes peppers as well.

Thanks in advance!!!