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Hello there,

The fuzzy feeling you likely experienced is related to die-off…this is alot more potent than the yogurt.

If you don’t do the diet 100% the it will take a long long time to get better…its like going 3 steps forward 1.5 steps back. After a few months you can start to branch out and eat more hopefully (if you go strict).

If you do the diet 100% it likely will make your behavioural and anxiety problems worse because the die-off toxins basically can cause these symptoms. These symptoms should generally lessen over time. The medication is something to be concerned about and I don’t think anyone on the internet should give you advice on medication; just keep in mind that there are side effects and it might prelude long term use of this drug. When you take drugs, they often only treat the symptoms but not the cause of the symptoms. I do have a friend that has had anxiety and takes anxiety medication and feels fine but not everyone is the same.

You can still get die off for not doing the diet 100%. I experienced this as I started to change my diet to be more strict. One thing you should consider is doing your current diet for a period of time and then getting more strict slowly as you can cope with it. Its hard to go cold turkey to a diet that doesn’t sound appealling…