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Yeah I second what able says and the berberine and GSE are problematic, especially if you are trying to get off the diet. From my understanding, these two kill more than just the yeast but also parasites, bacteria, etc. So if you feel bad, its not only your liver, but its also the bugs dying in your gut.

The foods you mentioned are alright if you are basically symptom free but it sounds like you are still chugging along. I tell most forum members to plan on a 6-18 month recovery time to get over this, so you might not be there yet. Keep in mind that the candida lies dormant within the body and so when you feed it a tasty treat, it’ll take advantage of this snack and multiply.

I have a liver cleanse to check out if you are interested, I recommend doing this each year in the spring time to release the garbage/toxins from the body: