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raster;33248 wrote: Well, you aren’t supposed to “cleanse” with any of this stuff, you are supposed to start all of this after the cleanse. You are also supposed to slowly introduce food, probiotics, etc.

If you have no die-off, its likely from a few reasons. One is that you don’t have candida or parasites. The second is that maybe your liver is healthy and in good shape (do you drink alcohol?). The third reason is because you might not be doing it correctly…and another reason is that maybe you haven’t experienced symptoms yet.

Have you ever taken antibiotics, vacccines, etc?

What are your symptoms? Sounds like skin problems….


I wanted to do some sort of cleanse. I realize I jumped in pretty quickly for those foods. I thought better to resort to them than the “bad stuff.”

I took 5 days of antibiotics last year and developed mild thrush, which I ignored. Last month I took 5 days of antibiotics, again, and the thrush worsened to a point I can’t ignore. I experience frequent urination, short term memory loss, mild nail fungus (already improved), thrush, and yeast infection (which I think is gone now). Did have 1 gardasil vaccine last year but I stopped and didn’t get the series of 3.

I don’t drink at all. Couple years ago I had a few bingeing episodes but never after that. I’m 20 years old, btw.

I think the reason I developed thrush is because of me being sensitive and easily stressed/overwhelmed (weakened immune system), then taking the antibiotics and bingeing on carbs. I did a lemon diet cleanse last year, if that helps anything…