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Melodybillionaire wrote: Ive always just chosen liquid. heard its always better

I don’t suppose you’d be interested in sharing with us where you “heard” that bit of information?

Personally, I haven’t “heard” anything about the tinctures being better, but I’ve studied both powder and tincture forms of herbs, and I have yet to find a tincture (extract) herb that didn’t contain another substance mixed with the herb. “Something” must be used in order to extract the herb, and normally that something is alcohol, and any substance used to extract the herb will usually alter the chemistry of the herb, therefore reducing its potency. Did you know that some herbs require 100% pure alcohol in order to extract?

Powered herbs, on the other hand, haven’t been altered in any way; better dosing at a lower cost is another advantage of the powder form.

Hey, guess what, you have now “heard” that powder forms of herbs are more potent and therefore better than the tinctures.