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DO you have thrush currently as well?
Wheres the leukoplakia, on the side of your tongue?
I’ve actually been doing a doing lots of research on how to get rid of Candida and other bad stuff in the mouth.

Look into neem oil, couple drops a day on the tongue might do it.
Also horopito extract, break open the capsule and swish with it(ive tried this and its spicy so watch out)
If you just want to go for the big guns get gentian violet, im 99% sure that will kill anything in there that’s messing your mouth up. It’s actually recommended by quite a few regular MD’s for babies with thrush. Just be careful not to swallow it. It can also turn your tongue and mouth purple temporarily. Gentian violet is only like $5 for a bottle so worth a shot. I have some here I’m gonna try soon.