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Javizy wrote: I almost bought a book about EFT before, but I read the Wikipedia about it first.

A 2003 controlled study of 119 university students, with self-reported specific phobias, found that EFT diminished fear in participants but that the effects were due to conventional therapeutic techniques and distraction rather than the EFT theory proposed by the practitioners.[5]
There is no evidence that acupuncture points, meridians or the other concepts of traditional Chinese medicine exist.[4] An article on EFT published in Skeptical Inquirer described the evidence supporting the theory as anecdotal and because the number of points at which the body’s meridians can allegedly be manipulated are so numerous, it is impossible to falsify the theory of EFT, thus rendering it pseudoscientific.[3] A 2009 review found that the “small successes seen in [emotional freedom technique and the Tapas acupressure technique] therapies are potentially attributable to well-known cognitive and behavioral techniques that are included with the energy manipulation. Psychologists and researchers should be wary of using such techniques, and make efforts to inform the public about the ill effects of therapies that advertise miraculous claims.”[6]

Like I said before, if you have an overactive stress response, you’re never going to recover from your problems. The physiology of stress and its devastating effects are well documented, and anything that helps you control it is going to benefit your health. If that happens to be EFT, then it’s worth pursuing.

People have got relief from believing much crazier things (try looking up John Sarno), but what these therapies all have in common is the ability to help you relax and stop worrying, to free you of the emotional burden of your health problems. In some cases, that’s all it takes to recover.

Hi mate,
you dont need to buy it, they are free online for download. Its pretty cool that there is a way for you to test it yourself without feeling that someone is trying to squeeze out some money for something which is not working.

Test it and see. I have a motto: What I can test and its working for me that’s it – no more questions.

Why would you believe in mainstream science which is changing all the time their arrogant statements but fail to heal.

I rather have a magician throw feather and rice on my head while the congregation of witches is dancing around me BUT I am healed. 😉 Than having a smart and well spoken MD telling me that there is no evidence BUT he cant heal me and he charge a lot for not performing.

So, I rather go to the one who doesn’t cost me a dime and heals me than hold the company of big talkers, performing low and sucking me for my money.

Try it out yourself and tell me what it is for you and not what some other people say.

Do your own empirical research as a way of gaining knowledge by means of direct and indirect observation or experience. (Oh, that sounds cool. I copied it from wiki too. 😉

check out that movie it will give you something to think:

cheers and have fun
Life is short