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From what I’ve read most muscle cramps are associated with dehydration. The relation to salt and potassium also play a role as too much salt will inhibit potassium absorption, causing muscle cramps. With candida we have a nutrient absorption issue where our guts have problems digesting and adsorbing nutrients, which exacerbates the problem.

So stay well hydrated and I would suggest going something like a 1/2 distilled and 1/2 tap, I tend to de-chlorinate mine by leaving it open in the fridge for a day, as the choline will kill good bacteria. Or you can use a mineral supplement to offset the loss of minerals from tap water. You can also uptake your potassium levels or decrease your salt levels. But it’s important to stay very well hydrated as this illness will likely leave you dehydrated.

Something else that helped me was eating homemade pro-biotics, I think it was the fermented vegetables as they have a lot of bacteria at home in salt, which may aid in it’s digestion. It’s also important to stretch if you feel tension coming on, yoga has some very deep tendon stretches that should help, I’m sure you could find a site that walks you through the poses without injuring yourself.