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Able900 wrote: Hello, Thomas
The “coccus” bread sounds interesting. Do you make this yourself or purchase it premade?

Here’s a rundown of the different symptoms you described and a general explanation of what each represents.

dizziness – Of course this can be a symptom of Candida, but when you’ve been on the treatment for several weeks, it’s normally a die-off reaction.

Stomach pain is a symptom of both Candida and die-off. However, when you experience stomach pain followed by diarrhea it’s more than likely being caused by die-off.

Diarrhea is usually a die-off symptom.

At this stage of the treatment, pains in the muscles are associated more with die-off than the Candida itself.

Itching skin and eyes are more than likely linked to allergies caused by the leaky gut syndrome.

Itching around the anus can be caused by Candida or other pathogens.

There is a way to test whether these are caused by die-off or not, and at the same time, lessen the die-off symptoms. Simply stop all antifungals for about five days but remain strictly on the Candida diet. If the symptoms cease, then they were probably being caused by die-off, if they do not, then the cause was probably the Candida.

Foods that either contain or produce inulin (FOS):
Asparagus Stem
Chicory root
Artichoke bulb
Oat bran and rice bran
(Homemade yogurt and kefir contain probiotics)


The cocos bread is the one here from the forum, I believe it comes from Raster. Dont remember the right name. I bake it myself and love it. I only use 4 eggs instead of 6 but its tasty anyhow.

From the list I can get here and eat
Asparagus Stem
kefir bought in the store, no sugar natural kefir from russia

thank you very much for you explanations about the confusion with die-off, feeding the candida or simply the leaky gut reactions.

It is very helpful in times of confusion to hear the sound of reason here in the forum.

Thank you for all your help!