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Thomas wrote:
When I started to feel real bad I went to the mission to find out. But after a year I am more confused then when I started. What really kills me is not knowing how these symptoms come and go. There is no logical pattern in it.

I’ve stuggling with food intolerances too for over a year. I kept a food diary, tried to stay consistant with the foods I ate, eliminated everything that was said to be bad for me and only ate what was “allowed” on the many diets I was on (RPAH, low-FODMAP, SCD, Candida, etc). However I only became slightly less symptomatic on these diets and didn’t feel like I was healing my gut. It wasn’t until I took an IGG food intolerance blood test that looked at over 200 different foods that I was able to determine that I was actually intolerant to a lot of the “allowed” foods including eggs, legumes and almonds. My diet was filled with these foods. I had no idea because I wasn’t showing any classic symptoms of intolerance with these foods but I was still an irritating my gut. Since having the test done and removing the offending foods from my diet, I felt a lot better. I repeated the IGG blood test and since removing the foods from my diet, the intolerance score dramatically reduced.
Another gem that I learned about food intolerance and reactions is not to blame the last meal for your symptoms. For some reason, food compounds are flushed out of the intestines and into the blood stream when a new meal is eaten and the digestive system becomes active. This explains why the food diary method so slightly flawed.
Lastly, I find digestive enzymes to help a great deal when dealing with food intolerance symptoms. I know it’s not recommended by some because there are elements in these enzymes that feed the candida but it’s been a lifesaver for me.