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teenies wrote: I know many people here suffer from leaky gut as well. Many of the treatments that help repair the leak such as Omega-3, L-Gultamine, Kefir etc are high in amines. Lots of people suffering from leaky gut are sensitive to amines so what is everyone else taking to repair their gut?
This is very confusing. Please help!

There are a lot of supplements that can help to repair the intestinal lining.
The first thing is to correct what is causing it including chronic stress.
If you have a pathogenic overgrowth in the intestines or an intolerance such as gluten intolerance the lining won’t repair until you addressed it.

Slyppery Elm.
Aloe Vera
Omega 3
N Acetyl Cysteine.
Vitamin E
L. Glutamine.
Bee Pollen
Stevia Extract