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dvjorge wrote: [

The first thing is to correct what is causing it including chronic stress.
If you have a pathogenic overgrowth in the intestines or an intolerance such as gluten intolerance the lining won’t repair until you addressed it.

Hi Dvjorge!

you point nicely out the problems I am having. For over a year I am trying to figure out my symptoms. I wonder why that is so hard to do for me or for the doctors. Lets say I wake up with a terrible feeling in my body and start to think back and figured out that I was drinking a lot of alcohol last night I know…ah that is hanging together. Now I can make a plan. If I keep drinking I keep suffering, if I stop drinking so much I feel better.

When I started to feel real bad I went to the mission to find out. But after a year I am more confused then when I started. What really kills me is not knowing how these symptoms come and go. There is no logical pattern in it.

I believe that I have cross problems. There is candida but there is too food sensitivities where I react in an allergic manner. Being on the candida diet I might reduce the candida but might react all the time to some of the food or the antifungals. Or have reactions to to the entire process with internal stress, too much histamin or adrenalin pushed into my system while loosing very much weight. Or the stress and the toxins, whatever.

In my case I didnt see a nice pattern like with my wife. We wrote a food diary. And figured nicely and pretty straight forward out over the course of some month what she was reacting too. After two years on the allergic free diet with our own cooking book. She was totally healed after two years. Now she can do what you are longing for. She can live a diet free life. Not being trapped forever to watch what she eats. I on the other hand had a food diary for one year on and off now and didnt see a pattern. I only figured out that I get inflammation in my joints and heavy muscle reactions eating rye. Some breads are ok but then it culminates. If I stop eating rye the symptoms disappear. I noticed too that I have some kind of reaction to potatoes. Some reaction to milk products. But all the time when I stop eating them I don’t get hundred percent clear and good. Which would make sense if its only an allergie or food reaction.

Here I came to the candida where all this would fit logical and moved all out into the meat eating avoiding carbs. But low and behold I didnt improve either. Always I feel good for a week and then the shit comes back on me. I got so tired of the battle that I stopped with everything even living healthy. When I had again a terrible body reaction I thought what the heck I feel anyhow shit, lets have a coffee. First I felt the hot in the stomach, then I had a feeling something was going on in a better way in the stomach and my poison feeling in the body disappeared for some hours. I thought cool, what are these chemical processes. Next time I feel shit I am going to have a coffee. Said and done and what….it didn’t work I only got stomach pain. Same was with every thing I did, it had some chemical impact but turned bitter after some hours and days and everything was back in the shit.

The doctors find nothing. Even they say that the skin around my anus looks like it was torched or burned with boiling water. They dont see something wrong with me. I have a lot of symptoms but they say I am OK. I am planning to save up some money to do a ELISA food allergie test first. Then a candida test and then a malnutrition test, leaky gut etc. If I know what food I am allergic I can exclude that from my candida allowed food list and see where I land.

I found it very difficult to avoid the stress factors. What do you think about this confusion of cross-problems and have you found for yourself a battle plan how to mount that horse for battle?