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dvjorge wrote:

Dr. Elmer Cranton, one of the pioneer researcher Drs about candidiasis believes a hypoallergenic diet is more important treating a fungal intestinal overgrowth than a very restrictive yeast feeding diet. His diet allows sweet potatoes, yams, malanga root, and other hypoallergenic moderate/high carbohydrate food. Instead, he doesn’t allow eggs, any milk derived, and other hyper-allergenic food.

This is another school of thoughts but most of the pioneers Drs who wrote books and diets were pointing clear to avoid any kind of hyper-allergenic food.

Thomas, if you feel that intolerances can be behind your suffering, I think the test worth every penny. Also, work with a diary and a blood pressure monitor.

Thank you dvjorge! Do you have a full list of hypoallergenic food for me. You could send it to me not to confuse the other members about the anti candida died and allowed food list. I am interested in experimentation to learn more to read my symptoms. I am pretty sure that food intolerances are a big part of my problem. The blood pressure monitor is a good idea. This could explain to why my blood pressure is always normal when I am at the doctor. I am not eating there but I have the feeling when I eat that my blood pressure is somehow reacting.
Thank you for the encouragement to take the test. When one checks the internet there is a war outside against and for a test. I found a clinic in Sweden doing the ELISA test, do you consider it the right one?


Here is a list and some tips. Keep in mind that a hypoallergenic diet doesn’t agree with an anticandida diet.
I believe the ELISA test is a good option.

Thank you Jorge. I am currently not on the diet. I am testing everything and keep the best. Thanks for the pdf and the thumps up for the ELISA test.