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absgail wrote: i just wanna ask something.. i have a severe body odor and im suspecting that it may be due to candida. i really dont know who to ask right now coz im so depressed. what should i do?

Hello, absgail.

Of course not everyone will have the same symptoms with a Candida infestation, so a body odor is really just one of many that can occur. It’s generally caused by the yeast which make up the infestation. According to some of the research, the cause is an imbalance of the bacteria in the intestines. High doses of probiotics can correct the problem over time as well as making great steps toward curing the infestation. Beneficial bacteria not only kill the Candida, but they also help to detoxify the entire body and increase the strength of the immune system.

Another thing that may help is drinking nothing but water. Try to go one day a week eating nothing but green, raw vegetables such as broccoli, lettuce, and celery, and of course others that can be eaten raw. Avoid all meats and eggs on this day.

It’s important as far as when you start taking a probiotic. A few questions first if I may.

How long do you think you’ve had a Candida infestation?
Are you on the Candida diet, and if so, for how long?
Are you having other symptoms of Candida?
If you’re on the Candida diet, list the foods you eat on a daily basis.
Are you presently taking any antifungal products, and if so, what are you taking and at what dose?
Are you taking a probiotic, and if so, what’s the brand, strain, and count?