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raster;34358 wrote: I recommend trying food rotation if possible. I was pretty much allergic to everything starting out as well, but I was able to heal it up within about 4-6 months.

I take L-Glutamine (pure encapsulations) at about 1500mg per day spread out between 3 meals. I’ve taken this throughout my treatment and should maybe do a write up about it. It heals leaky gut and improves digestion as well as a bunch of things.

Another one is bitters or enzymes. Swedish bitters cause the body to produce enzymes and does a lot of things for the body from digestion to healing the liver.

Prebiotics heal leaky gut, and a good cheap source of pure inulin (FOS prebiotic) aka miracle fiber found at the vitamin shop. Sprinkle this throughout your foods or mix with the breads, or even drink straight up. Helps digestion and heals leaky gut.

Probiotics heal leaky gut as well but won’t go into this…

Here’s an ancient but good post about supplements:

I’ve gotten over my gluten intolerance and can eat wheat no problem but I choose not to except for rare occasions. I am going to eat regular wheat pizza soon, its been too long!



I’m waiting for my bitters to arrive in the mail and I’ve been taking L-Glutamine, but not to that amount…I’ll up it this week (need to buy more). I also eat a lot of prebiotics…I take a fiber supplement every morning and eat oat bran and buckwheat pretty much every day. I’ll check out the miracle fiber though. I also saw some kefir on sale at New Seasons that has inulin in it, BTW (Helios brand – and the one on Hawthorne had coupons too in the little coupon bin, I think it’s on sale through tomorrow). Might go pick some of that up too.

Thanks for the help! I’m glad to hear someone healed through this because I’m so effing tired of being scared of food!

Oh, how do you do food rotation? Can you give me an example?